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Bullshit Unlimited

Sarah's Second

Cheetham Hillbilly
29 July
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This is indeed the second coming of Sarah. You have been warned.

smashez vous les guitarres?

sweet_trouble is my fiction/poetry journal.

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60s fashion, 60s girl groups, alcohol (duh), ancient greece, anti-bullshit, art school boys, arthur lee, astrology, backbeats, beatniks, beer, being a prude, being a whofreak, being northern, big noses, billie holiday, bird watching, bisexual english gentlemen, bisexuality, blackadder, blues, bluesbreakers, bo diddley, bobbed hair, boots, boozy coffee, brummie accents, brunettes, burt bacharach, camus, cask bitter, charlie parker, cherry ice cream, chuck berry, clapton, climate change, concept albums, cross dressing, cults, curry, dave davies, debating, desmond dekker, ear snogging, eric burdon, eurovision song contest, eyeliner, fairport convention, food, futurama, g.k. chesterton, garage rock, george orwell, gnosticism, goblin market, good pretentious, guitar playing, hairy armpits, hammond organs, hermann hesse, jesus, jimmy page, john betjeman, john entwistle, john mayall, julie driscoll, kali, kate bush, keith moon, kit lambert, lancashire countryside, led zeppelin, lou reed, love, lucid dreaming, manchester, mary magdalene, meditation, men in blouses, menorca, merlot, miles davis, mod, monty python, motown, mysticism, new orleans, not being depressed, op art, opinionated people, oscar wilde, p.p. arnold, pandas, parkas, passion, patti smith, paul merton, pep pills, pete townshend, peter green, petula clark, phil spector, philip larkin, pop art, private eye magazine, quadrophenia, quakerism, ray davies, red dwarf, red nail varnish, rioja, rock n fucking roll, roger daltrey, romantic poets, rough girls, roxy music, saint johns wort, salvador dali, sam cooke, sandy denny, self-respect, sensuality, sex is overrated, shaggy hair, shakespeare, ska, skinbyrds, slash fiction, small faces, soul music, spiritual androgyny, star trek, strategy games, suits, sunshine, swimming, the animals, the buzzcocks, the clash, the jam, the kinks, toxicology, transcendence, velvet underground, vino, wanton destruction, watching general elections, whiskey, william burroughs, writing